donderdag 12 juli 2012

Al`eeha, Hashut's Chosen - Brush Slave League round 5

So, another month of the painting contest gone by, and a second victory claimed, as seen here.  This round was a bonus round, and the theme was `Commander and Attendants`.

I turned to the models mostly from the heritage I posted about a few months earlier, the collection of Hashut`s Chosen, and picked her conversion of a female sorcerer, patched it up with some green stuff and a new weapon, and a fresh paintjob.  As ger attendants, the first was her Bull Centaur hero conversion made from Archaon`s horse and a Minotaur, detailed with some 40k pieces like a door for a shield and such.
The second, the musician, was a Zonk-cast.  This is a very special set of models that I posess, as it seemed the caster is a scammer picking on forums as a modus operandi to supply to moderators and `famous` collectors, then takes orders and payment to never deliver, so be aware if you see this person on forums!!!  The whole discussion is still to be found somewhere on the CDO forum, just do a quick search for it but don`t be taken aghast... it seemed to be pretty ugly and I kiss my hands I`m apparently considered a `famous collector`.

So here are some more pictures of the models:

Al`eeha, Hashut`s Chosen

Minotaur Hero / Bodyguard

`Zonk-cast` Musician


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