maandag 23 juli 2012

Golden Hat 17: War Machines

And so another Golden Hat painting competition has passed at Chaos Dwarfs Online, and what an awesome round it was, the theme being War Machines.

Now mind you, I did enter but I realise all to well that the level of workmanship is far above mine, so I`m doing that one with the olympic thought in mind, just like with most online leagues and such.

Here are the brave winners:

1st place: Skink

I also casted one of my three votes on this entry, the red is so lively and vibrant, yet deepish in tone

2nd place: Engra1980

The competition had quit a few `beast / war machine` hybrids in it, this one wasn`t on my list but it is a very nice piece of work with the lava drooling et all

3rd place: Bolg
An awesome scratchbuild Hellcannon, though once again I didn`t vote on this one

On which ones did I vote?  Well, apart from Skink`s entry, I voted on these two entries:

There is something that draws me to this entry, can`t really put my finger on it exactly, but I liked it from the first moment

Another of the beast / cannon hybrids, this one took my liking due to it`s `natural` feel, as if it just had materialized out of the lava.

You can see all entries on the link provided at the beginning of this post by the way...

Oh, and my entry?  No idea if it even got any votes, but it definitly was the smallest of all entrants hehehehe

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