zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Breakthrough at Mordheime Casino

Tonight I went to the TSA club for a game of Mordheim versus my Nemesis, and to plan our tactic *kuch* IF the Duo Tournament in November should indeed be with fixed partners.

Both our gangs had received a bloody nose in their single battle before as the `wimps` in multiplayers with highly experienced bands, so at my 72 rating vs his 67, one could say we would be evenly matched.

Making use (thanks for allowing this Bruno) of a Monte Casino model as central piece, we rolled the Breakthrough scenario, and with both bands at 7 members, causing 2 out of actions would be enough to cause routing tests.  I was confident if I could take out some of the cultists, I could force him to take the tests and hope he flunked one, as my lower speed put me in a serious disadvantage.

I would be receiving the multiple charges as he outpaced me, and he has 3 models with 2 wounds.

The game started very well, as his Magister cast Eye of God on a cultist, and rolled a 1 putting the bloke out of action.  One more to go!

But there it all ended.  As he tried to force his way through my right flank, the Possessed charged the Gaoler and put him out of action.  A warrior countercharged and managed to wound the beast, but the retaliation put the brave little guy out as well.


My archers managed to be unable to even hit a door in front of their noses, and my Sorcerer just couldn`t beat the Difficulty 9 of his Spirit of Hashut, even though he had juicy targets constantly lined up for the spell.

The Possessed charged an archer, and down went my boy.  I was taking tests already, and couldn`t seem to be able to even hit his forces.  When in the penultimate turn that bloody Possessed also took down the second warrior, it all came down to a drop of a chance.

If I could kill a cultist lined before my Sorcerer, I could pray he would flunk his rout test right before the finish line.  I finally after two games managed to beat the difficulty... only to roll a 1 to wound and victory went to the Cultist band of Nemesis.

My Gaoler didn`t survive the encounter, but luckily with the money saved I could immediatly replace him AND buy an upgraded with the experience second spearman again, so on a numerical side I actually went up 1 model again after this battle.  Only the Bull Centaur to replace now before saving for the Chaos Engine, in the vain hope that my characters would stop dying all the time.

The only upgrade roll actually turned up something useful this time, as the Sting of the Dragon, the spearmen, gained one extra attack, so at 2 attacks a piece they might stand a chance against anything that actually charges them.  If my rolls start to improve that is...

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  1. Some you win.....Bad lick mate sometimes the dice are just against ya!