zondag 7 oktober 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Ikki of Phoenix v1

A cosmo full of rage, and drawing his strength from hatred.  Seiya might be the star of the show, I might brable about Hyoga all I want, but when you ask anyone of my generation that used to watch the series in their childhood days which `chevalier` was the one with the biggest impact, you`d be getting Ikki as an answer 9 out of 10 times.

He is the original villain of the series, when he crashed the party at the galactic tournament to steal the gold armour.  Commanding his black saints of Death Queen Island, it takes all 4 other bronze protagonists to combine their cosmo`s to defeat him... and still he survives due to his one particular skill.

Like his guardian constellation, the Phoenix is semi-immortal.  He can die of old age, but in all other ways just like the bird of legend, he and his cloth regenerate out of death, every time comming back stronger then before.

He is also the most ruthless of the bronze saints, as he doesn`t flick his wrist to kill his opponents, often even in the sadistic style of his Genma Kenn, an attack that makes his opponents see the truth and then succumbing to total nervous breakdown.

The one issue I had with the version one cloth in the anime is why the hell did they choose pink for his colour compared to orange of the original cross in the manga.  Best I can think of is to show his link to his younger brother, gentle Shun of Andromeda.

He often comes to the aid of Shun when his brother is in dire need, and while Seiya, Shiryu and Hyoga have their master`s Gold cloths to help them, Shun can count on the aid of a personal guardian angel... comming straight from hell!

The model itself is of a great sculpt, like the other v1s and the v3s, and much better then the v2 cloths BanDai produced.

The purple is spot on with the anime colour, as is the face of Ikki, often an issue with Myth Cloths.  Easy to assemble and looking stylish, it comes also with a variety of faces, so you can even make him with the visor closed option as how he appeared at the beginning.

Get this guy, he is worth the not to expensive prices he goes around for on the market, and who doesn`t love a saint that slowly walks towards his victim engulfed in a flaming cosmo...

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