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War Theories - The TSA Duo Tournament

The 24th of November will be the date me and my Nemesis will become brothers in arms once again, under the cheap Pokemon rip-off name of Team Old Skool (as we both brandish 4th / 5th edition old school models), we will tackle our clubs Duo Tournament in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

After a poll on the club forum, it was decided you will be playing with a fixed partner instead of changing every round, so it is time to set our forces together and smithe one mighty warhost.

Now, as luck will have it, both our armies `melt` together rather well, he being a Chaos adept while I of course play Chaos Dwarfs, so there is a sinergy between the armies like there is with Dwarfs and Empire forces intermingled.

The army list I`m building (or better, finishing off the last few models) will be all shooty shooty.  If it ain`t launching some kind of projectile at the opponent, it won`t be going along, and will be lead with by a Deamonsmith for his Infernal Engineer rule to keep misfires to hopefully a minimum.  Nemesis on the other hand will be providing the heavy hitters that can advance under the covering fire of my war machines and the likes.

The plan will be simple, soften them up will be my job, then he will hit hopefully hard to break through their main line, and my gunfire and cannons will then divert to flanks to prevent the enclosing of his army.

More of my army list in a week or two though.

So let`s have a closer look at the rules pack...

Core Rules

* Every player will get 1000 points to build his army with.  Good enough for me as to get a couple of war machines in, as I don`t have to lie awake of blocks to keep the enemy at bay.

* Painting scores are added to your total at last.  An issue I had with previous two TSA tourneys, but now fully painted and here and there converted forces will yield between 60 and 100 points, equal to an extra win.  Since both me and Nemesis`s forces are all painted, this will yield us a battle worth of benefit.  For the conversions in my force, I`m taking along my two scratchbuild war machines.

* All armies including the non-official fanbased ones like Cathay are allowed.

* There is custom victory point chart, and a chart that depicts armies trusting each other within a team, and influence deployment rules, leadership tests etc etc...

* Generals yield an additional 200 Victory Points if killed.

The Missions

In addition, there are 13 randomly determined missions for each battles.  It`s not obliged to complete these, but the extra stash of victory points make it possible to come out the winners even though you got beaten in a battle.  Very worth considering those in the tactical plannings!

The Missions are as follows, with the phase listed where the mission `resolves`:

1. Capture Ground (Movement) - 150 VP team: Get 10 models, cumulative, and at least worth 500 points in the opponents deployment zone.  If we get this one, it seems my blunderbusses will be moving along the allies battleline.

2. Easy Does it (Movement) - 150 VP / player: no march move for your part of the allied force.  Easy peasy for me, I don`t intend to move at all.

3. Don`t Let Them Rest (Shooting) - 100 VP team: If you are able to fire, fire every turn from turn 2 onwards.  Not planning on doing anything else, even from turn 1 already.

4. Assassination (Combat) - 100 VP / general: Kill the enemy generals.  Well, unless a lucky shot or a miscast, this will be in Nemesis`s hands.

5. I Hate Magic (Combat) - 70 VP / Magic user: well, at 1000 points, the general will mostly be a magic user after all, so this is also one for Nemesis, see mission 4.

6. Wot Un Nice Flag Itiz (Combat) - 50 VP team: kill all flag bearers including the BSBs of the opponent.  Well, they won`t have a hard time doing that with me, I have 1 regimental banner in my force.  It also sist far in the back if the opponents get this mission.

7. Right in the Kisser (Magic) - 200 VP team: Destroy 300 points with magic.  This will depend on the spells I get, but as I usually pick the Lore of Metal, this will be a hard one for me personally, unless I somehow manage to turn a full regiment into golden statues or so.

8. Magic Insanity (Magic) - 100 VP / player: Cast spells always on their highest difficulty.  With one caster this will probably be happening every time anyways.

9. I`m also a Fighter (Combat) - 150 VP / player: Magic users have to issue a challenge, which doesn`t have to be succesful.  Right up the alley of our force, as we both have heavily armoured, high toughness casters anyways.  They might even actually survive it...

10. They Can Handle It (Leadership) - 400 VP team: Use only your own leadership instead of that of characters.  I can handle that with my rank and file having the same ld 9 as my general, not sure how Nemesis`s army will be build exactly though, but if their all Chaos Warriors, no issues here and easy points.

11. I don`t Need Back Up (Leadership) - 200 VP team: None of the generals joins a unit.  Not an issue for me, my Deamonsmith is needed elsewhere then in units.  As in between my War Machine Battery.

12. Let Me Have`Em (Heroism) - 200 VP team: After at least turn 4, one of your generals is in close combat with a monster or general on the opposing side.  Well, unless one of their generals comes my way, this will be all for Nemesis.

13. Charge (Heroism) - 100 VP team: Your general is the very first model to be in close combat of the whole force.  I`m not even considering going for these points if I draw that, my general is worth his points + 200 additional points, way to much to risk for a measly 100 extra VPs.

The Alliance

Well, according to the tournament rules, our alliance labels as OK, so this gives the following benefits:

* We can test on each others generals and battle standards for leadership tests.

* One of both generals is assigned `commander in chief`, this guy has 16 inch instead of 12 inch leadership radius.  Nemesis can have that, gives him some more space to coordinate his push with.

* Magic can be intermingled, taking from one power and dispel pool.  This will depend on who gets the offensive spells each battle.

* Allied units do cause panic.  Well, hopefully he should be FAR in front of my forces by the time this can cause issues.

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