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Saint Seiya Myth cloth: Aphrodite of Pisces

Aphrodite is often described as cruel as the gold Cancer saint Deathmask, but not as sadistic.  Both are considered in the storyline to be traitors to Athena as they knew the truth behind the assassination of the Grand Pope and his subsequent replacement by Saga, the Gemini saint, in a bid for power over the world.

Renowned for his beauty, Aphrodite is also considered to be one of the strongest of the gold saints, but he is not like the silver Lizard saint Misty a narcistic individual, but that he believes in the beauty of the victory.

Personally, I never really liked Aphrodite, even though his rose atacks where quite different from all that had passed before.  His previous incarnations, being in the Lost Canvas Albafice, a man with blood poisoned by spending time with his roses but a loyal and noble warrior, and Cardinale, a traitor leaning towards Aphrodite, all used these techniques as well.

The deceased Gold Saints were revived as Specters by the power of Hades, and, led by the Specter of the former Pope, Aries Shion, they were sent to Sanctuary to assassinate Athena.
 In the first Temple, Shion was stopped by Aries Mu. Shion orders Cancer Deathmask and Pisces Aphrodite to defeat Mu so they could continue their mission. However, neither Gold Saint was able to defeat the Aries Gold Saint and Mu quickly banishes Deathmask and Aphrodite with his Starlight Extinction. Giving the expression to be killed (In reality Mu send them both to Hades castle).  Since the start, neither Deathmask nor Aphrodite were using their true power as it was not their intention to kill Mu.

Back in Hades' castle, both Gold Saints decide to defeat Hades themselves but are interrupted by Wyvern Radamanthys. With just 10% of their Cosmo (due to Hades` barrier that reduces all non Specter power levels), they are easily defeated and sent back to the Underworld.

Later on, it was revealed that Deathmask and Aphrodite were secretly on Athena's side, along with the rest of the deceased Gold Saints, and were asked by Shion to pretend to follow Hades' order (in the Anime adaptation the same scene is shown with some more detail, after Shion asked all the dead Gold and Silver Saints to pretend to follow Hades' orders, Aphrodite smiled and Deathmask grinned widely. Shion then thanked all of them for carrying the burden of the traitor's branding in pretending to betray Athena).

The model itself, like all the Gold cloths, are of the first generation of models in the Myth cloth line and this usually shows compared to the latter editions.  However, in this case, the model is one of the better ones produced, with nice facial detailing, and the option to include roses in the mouth and hands.

These are parts with a rose stem, and then you get on top 2 of each color rose to attach to that, apart from the one in the mouth which is always a red one. 

In the end I went for a combination of all three rose colours to represent each of his attacks.

It`s definitly not to shabby a Saint cloth at all, and probably one of the more well made ones in the line.  He isn`t to expensive either, having paid him a measly 45 euros on FACTS past weekend, and leaving me with only two more Saints to go now to complete `the original twelve`, them being Taurus Aldebarran and Sagitarrius Aiolios.

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