zondag 7 oktober 2012

Deathroller 2000 entry: Hashut's Chariot

So, the guys over at Merry Mayhem News blog are holding a scratchbuild a Deathroller contest.  Deathroller is a game spin-off from Blood Bowl, in which Dwarven Deathrollers and similar devices try to complete either 2 laps around the pitch OR be the last roller errmm... rolling.

So I decided to enter, and build one of the rollers for my Chaos Dwarfs, aptly named `Hashut's Chariot'.

The model is compromised of the following parts:

* The plastic core of a silk tape roll, it helps if your so unhandy your cutting your fingers often
* 2 dial bases of Heroclix models
* 2 metal old style fighter bases of Agents of Gaming Babylon 5 Fleet Action
* a balsa stick of a Magnum ice cream
* the top of an electric cable protective shell
* Exhaust of a Battleship Yamato (the scifi japanese anime) model kit
* a missile pod from a 1/144 Gundam HeavyArms Custom model kit
* the head of an old Chaos Steed
* small piece of jewelry chain
* a converted and resculpted plastic Chaos Dwarf warrior
* one of the females of the Dark Eldar slave barge
* a `roadkill` rabbit

Undercoating the model makes it look a hotch potch better and more unified

For the paintjob I went with the colour scheme of my army and Blood Bowl team, and I am now considering three uses for the model:

1. if Deathroller 2000 gets played at TSA, obviously this will be my `car`
2. with some house rules as a Chaos Dwarf secret weapon in Blood Bowl
3. as my Demon Engine in games of Mordheim, as the Iron Demon from Forge World is to big a model to move in most streets and between buildings.

Now only let`s see what the other entries will be comprimised off, and may the best roller win!

For those wanting to enter the contest, there is still time until the 21st of october, details can be found here

And to now more about Deathroller Race 2000, follow this link.

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