maandag 1 oktober 2012

The Guild Orzhov versus The Circle Orboros

I went to the play the Return to Ravnica yesterday, and even though I have been whacked around little a baby in his maxicosy buggy in a destruction derby for muscle cars, I must admit this new set is a HEAP of fun.  

The synergy between the colours in this set is superb, and it has some cool mechanics... and decisions.  You have to choose which way you want to swing your deck, focussing on one 'guild' (a guild basically being the co,bination between two colours) gives you a nice card go together feel with a huge combo ability, or going more traditional with some more colours but not being able to or harder to play the ubercombo a guild deck can allow you.

This set is all about tactics, though as with any Magic game, especcially with drafts and sealeds, it also depends on the chance factor.

On the other hand there is the Hordes game, and I must say I love painting Orboros warbeasts, but... I feel the game lacks in some parts, most especcially for me: tactics

Charge first = win

Most of the time at least, the rest of your game basically comes from what I've seen so far and read on fora to either do some minor damage on something big before your charge, or back an inch or so off to be sure you get that charge.

This isn't tactics for to be honest, tactics are having blocks sweep around flanks, boxing in regiments and make sure the line can be held at all cost but preferably with lesser casualties then the opponent suffers.

Blood Bowl has a far more tactical appeal in my opinion for a skirmish ga,me then WarmaHordes...

Notwithstanding, I'm going through with the whole League; but I doubt I'll be playing every week, probably just one week out of each game month; spending more time with FNM during this set, it is, well, as I started with saying a great and fun set, and the current wizards support with additional Guild Achievements makes it all that bit fluffier.

Oh, and Magic just falls better to sell to the love then a ton of toy soldiers; but don't let me hear you tell anyone that's a reason ;-)

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  1. Boo to Return to Ravnica, Dimir's not even in the first release! ;)