zondag 14 oktober 2012

Heroes for Hire

Well, following the Goddamn Andy post about how he quit miniature gaming, and as such resulted in the total collapse of any chance of playing Superhero games over at the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp, I`m going to liquidate my collection of repainted Heroclix models.

Here are the models I got standing in my cabinets, and are looking for adopitve parents, if you see anything you like, just drop me a line or post a reply and we can work something out.

Mind you though, belgian shipping rates aren`t cheap as you can see here and as the painted models need tobe packed in a box, your starting rather expesive.  Fortunatly, heroclix weigh not much, so fifty would be about as expensive as a single one...

Anyways, here are all the models looking for a new home:

4 opmerkingen:

  1. That's a shame. I've really enjoyed following your repaints of these guys. Don't get rid of them right when you're disappointed; wait a little and see if it's what you really want to do!

    If you do end up selling them, good luck with getting them to a good home with someone with deep pockets!

  2. I agree wait a while don't sell up shop with these guys just yet

  3. Bwaaah, they are in the cabinet now for 14 months unplayed, that qualifies as `wait to see` in my book ;)

    And the pockets won`t be THAT deep