maandag 29 oktober 2012

Chaos Dwarf titbits

Some odds and ends for my ever growing Dawi Zharr legion today, as I`m finishing up things and rounding out others with the end of the year in sight, so no starters anymore for the comming few weeks on big unit projects.

Well, perhaps one then for the Duo Tournament the 24th of November...

First up is a scratchbuild Death Rocket, inspired by a war machine build by Chaos Dwarf Online member Tjub for the Golden Hat some while ago.

No idea why I actually went to build one of those, as I have like, eleven of the original Death Rockets (but still not repainted a single one to date).  But it is `something different` and will be hoisted along to the tournament in the near future.

Second is an old school character, Azakil Bonecrusher, who will become the unit champion of a small unit of Blunderbusses I`m working on, a unit that will be dedicated to war machine guard duty.  Yes, they are bloody expensive for that kind of work, but I`ll put my faith in an armoured dwarf anyday over a cowardly greenskin to take that job...

For some reason, he keeps reminding me of this blast from the past

Finally, a little side project thing I painted for no apparant reason bar that last years Black Tree Designs sale made them dead cheap (around 0.70 pence a swarm or something, they where at minus 75% then).
I imagine that fire scorpions do can be included somehow in the force (most likely into my Hobgoblin force) as a Swarm of old, or otherwise will make `cute` little wayward scenery pieces.

Anyways, back to the slavering tables for me, so i can round out some units I`ve been working on left and right and make a tally of how the reworked force is standing at the end of the year.

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