donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Saint Seiya Myth cloth: Grand Pope Shion

Shion was the Gold Saint of Aries of the previous Holy War, which took place in the 19th century, and together with Libra Dohko the only survivor.

His tale is shown in the manga series `Next Dimension`, which is the `official` follow up of the Hades story arc, but also in the alternate (and I love the series) The Lost Canvas.

He is the master of Mu, the Aries saint of `my` generation (as we now have Kiki as the Aries Saint in Omega, so we`re toggling three generations here, but I`ll be referring to the original forever as my series, it`s the one that I grew up with and that started to burn the Cosmo in my heart), and after the Holy War he became the Pope of Sanctuary.

He was murdered by Saga of Gemini and his body discovered on Star Hill by Marin, but reappeared (or better, was first introduced technically) as a Specter of Hades, where he led a secret movement against Hades from beyond the grave, to allow the survivors to discover the 8th sense to travel to Underworld.

The model is a simple mannequin with an option for a fully enclosed face and helmet, and an alternate head for the Mu model to be used as the Aries saint, but I went for the unhelmeted set up.  This makes him stand out from my Grand Pope Saga that I made masked. 

The difference between both popes is in the robe and the `gentler` details on Shion then the evil saga pope with his red spiked armour.

The models also comes with thirteen white cream stands and labels for all gold saints and the five bronze lead characters, so I`m finally going to succumb and mount my gold saints on those stands in the future though.

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