maandag 1 april 2013

More painted mobile suits

Well, they are now based and varnished, bringing my painted models tally this year to an impressive amount of... 3.

The first suit I finished is this AMX-003 Gaza-C, the mainstay suit of the Neo Zeon forces led by Haman Karn.  This particular suit sports her personal colours before she moved to the Qubeley suit in the anime.
Like most of the suits from around the Gryps conflict, the suit uses a versatile transforming frame and is a good mixture of speed and maneuverability.  It had one design flaw though, namely that the flimsy frame tended to break up if transforming to fast to many times, resulting in the series to have an average combat lifespan of only three missions.

The second suit is an MS-06D Desert Type Zaku, which is basically a normal Zaku II but with his jetpack removed for a heat dissipation system, and a heavier weapon load out for this particular suit.

Project Gundanium revisited

Work continues on the Project, and in the comming months a page will be added to this blog to show where we stand at the moment.  After the initial `convention use for gundam kits`, it is being overhauled to use also Gashapon models (easier for scenery and larger battles).

The most radical change I have so far is splitting the suits in 3 classes, each costing different points per class and having more action points the higher in the ranking they go.

Mobile Suits will cost 1 point and include all your mass produced, die by the droves suits like Serpents, GINNs and Zaku`s.
Gundams are the well, Gundam suits and usually the `not lead character` suits of all series, like HeavyArms, Shinanju, Turn X etc etc.
Legendary Suits are the show main antagonists, Freedom for one, but also the likes of the original RX-78.

Once I ordened the whole heap of WORD files, it`s playtesting time.

Thats all for now, see you around soon!

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