maandag 2 december 2019

The AHPC10 Map is unveiled

Curt revealed all the locations and the requirements for the map of the AHPC10 today, and it looks like this:

So that`s a nice and varied set of options, and now I`ll have to ponder which route to take.

While I do have some ideas already, I am going to be using the Balloon quite a lot I think, to hop around the place and try to tangle with some varied themes.

But I`ll also be needing to paint up a "prize" figure to join this challenge, and that is something I am going to do as soon as the contest starts, to become my first entry.

At first look, I think I am going to go the "Path of the New Shiney" in all probability, though "The Path of History" is also a strong contender...

Time to do some research (and mail orders!) for the challenge, and get those brushes fired up, though the map won`t be distracting me to much (I hope) from the projects I want to do this challenge.

Time to go on an adventure!

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