dinsdag 30 juni 2020

What I Painted in June 2020

Another month has gone by, and all in all a decent turnout remains this month.

And the benefit being, some things are starting to get rounded out...

The first being the commander for my Star wars Legion Skirmish force, Jyn Erso

I actually managed to finish some Middle-earth as well with this Barrow Wight

I also painted up the Vesper Class spaceship for my Federation fleet, a printed model from Thingiverse:

For "Project Far Side", a lot of things have been printed and painted, starting with these 15 asteroids

But that is far from all that has been finished for the, in the end, scenery for 9 !!!! tables I`m going to print and paint.

For Tatooine, the first dwellings have been completed:

For the Warhammer 40k style table:

For the generic scifi table:


Necron / Jungle table:

The demonworld:

And finally the cyberpukish one:

But I also have been growing my forces for the games of course, first off being these Bizon MBT's for the Neo-Soviets / Zeon force.

On a different 6mm era note, I painted up more Sun King's War regiments this month as well.

So that is another 136 models to the tally for the year, nice going if I say so myself!

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