vrijdag 29 juni 2012

500 points update

Roight, small update as apparently one needs 3 units to do the 500 points thing, something the organiser forgot to mention during checking.

No problem, I switched to the Ravening Hordes list then as the Tamurkhan list is unplayable at that scale and needing 3 units, so here is the new force:

Hero: Level 1 Sorcerer - 65 points

Core: 19 Warriors full command - 201 points
Core: 10 Blunderbusses - 120 points

Rare: Earthshaker Cannon - 110 points

Totaal: 496 points

Easy for the opponent as the RH list is still on the GW site for downloading, so they don`t even need the big book from Forge World, and that makes the force look now like this:

Basically the warrior unit now counts 3 more members, and my favorite boom-toy has been added YAY.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks good BOOM whistle............SPLAT!

  2. It definitly makes me more competitive for the tourney, I won (back in the days) 19 podium finishes with the little RH list vs army books, while only having one tourney with the Tamurkhan list under the belt (ending 3rd there, 2nd if painting had been included in the grand total).

    At least these blokes I know by heart (rusted but heck), so the `shaker can go back to it`s old habits of immensly slowing down the enemy and the busses at least fire again in their `template area`