vrijdag 22 juni 2012

Smiiiile at the Pikachu

Pimp the Nintendo DSi!

Roight, here is the full story, and nothing but the truth.  Believe me, it has nothing to do at all with a fetish for the small yellow rodent.  I`m not a fanboy... so this is my tale.

About a month ago, I bought Pokemon Battle Revolutions on the Nintendo Wii for the 6-year old son of my girldfriend.  But as I read the package, you have only a choice of 2 times 6 Pokemon to play with, and the rest needs to be imported from a DS system to expand the range of playables.  Bit like the Nintendo 64 with the classic Blue / Red cartridges from the old Gameboy Classic / Color as it is.

So I also bought Pokemon Pearl for the DS to capture and train an arsenal of beasties for the kid to play with.  One small problem though... I didn`t have a DS.

Enter my 9 and 11 year old cousins, Kyanu and Jason, also known as Humpty and Dumpty.  Entering `Ome Tom` modus, I started negotiating with the little brats to give me one of their DSi`s, as they had just received the newer 3DS consoles.

In the end, I made the promise I`ll take them along to Game Mania (kind a like a chain of stores like Game in the UK) and they get to choose one game each in exchange for the DSi.

I ended up with Kyanu`s console, as this only had a small clips damage on the stylus (which I don`t use anyway), while the more used one of Jason had an issue with the powerbutton.

Problem two... it was pimped with army style camo stickers... not my style at all.  So I bought some vinyl Pikachu stickers and replaced the army ones.  Makes perfect sense for adults, exchanging army stickers for FPS like games of a 9 year old with an electrical mouse from a 34 year old, doesn`t it...

Problem three: if I ever say `Smile at the Pikachu` to my beloved again, she`s gonna kill me.

And the final problem... the amount of little kids I have to smack away now on the public transportation when playing the game on my way to work... Gotta catch `em all after all...


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