zaterdag 30 juni 2012

My God, are we halfway down already...

... yups, so june comes to a close with a move with the soon-to-be fiancee to install her on her new appartment.  But that doesn`t mean the hobby dies, au contraire, the benefit is now that this one has gained a valuable hobby asset in the past months... focus.

Gone are the days of doing dribs and drabs, as I proudly pund myself on the chest that the last months I solely bought (and got as a present) and painted Chaos Dwarfs and related models.

Another `good thing` is that I am attending my local club far less frequent then before.  Good thing in the way of that I finally took that sabbatical in trying to organise things, and only turn up when I have a game scheduled.  It`s kind of refreshing to be honest, no stress of setting things up, no frustration of seeing things go down the drain.

Paint wise, that meant after a month or 3 I totally overhauled my aims, and even though it lists 900+ models `bought` that includes the 300 odd Dawi Zharr I got from Hashut`s Chosen (see the legacy article a few months ago), as well as the train load of 15mm models for the Hordes of Things `chaos dwarf` project, of which you`ll get to see the first finished models in a short while.

I`m on a course of seemingly completing almost all set goals as I progress down painting row, with the March of the Gold Saints, the initial 2000 points Chaos Dwarves, my Vongalazthag Violators Blood Bowl team and all entries for the recently finished Lead Painter`s League completed.

Next goal to first complet is the 7 rounds of the Brush Slave League, even seeing how it goes, an 8th *might* be held, more on that as soon as it is confirmed.  After that, I`m going to finish the first 500 points of my `unofficial` Warhammer Armies: Hobgoblins force, they didn`t make it on time for the tournament the comming weekend, but the force is full of possibilities for funny things to add, that I`m going to keep expanding on it.  And yes, I even found a way to include Pokachu in the force, you`ll see him in the BSL round 6 entry beginning of august.

Thereafter, some units left and right will be added to both those armies, while the first 24 points of the HoTT army are being painted up.  The final two painting goals aren`t to dramatic if I don`t make it, but I`ll still be painting superheroes and gundams in between, even though they don`t have an actual `gaming use` at the moment.  And one will be in the BSL as well, obligatory entry and all.

Gaming wise, so far I played one 2000 point warhammer tournament in february, the second one, this time for petite forces, comming up this sunday.  In the TSA Blood Bowl league I`m still in the running for the play offs, and I participated once again in the huge ACW weekend battle (and be on the victorious side once again).

Video game front, I yielded to Creepy Corridor Andy, I seriously doubt that I can catch up with him anymore, especcially since I`m spending way to much gaming time on the DSi as well now playing Pokemon again.  We`ll see if we`ll catch up, but I doubt it.

And i can`t stop playing Saint Seiya anyways on the PS3, even though the platinum was already gained more then 2 months ago.  I love that game, I`m still enjoying beating up hordes of minions shouting 'Pegasus Ryu Seiken!!!' in the middle of the night hehehe

That`s about all on the hobby front that passed by the past months, now to get my lass settled and then back to the new time management plannings and adapting to the not `single do as I want` life...

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