dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Release the... Hounds? Brush Slave League round 4

A nice draw, putting me in the 6th position on the League table after 4 rounds.

The entry this time was part of the planned 500 points Hobgoblin army.  The force contains an entry for hobhounds, but unfortunatly I only have two of the old models and the packmaster.

So enter Mega Miniatures and order some common dogs, to make an entry looking a bit comical, with the packmaster setting forth his hunting pack of chihuahuas, bulldogs and other poodles...

Just the kind of small scale funny things one can include in an army of low leadership, rabbling greenskins of very dubious fighting quality.

Next regiment to finish for this force... the slave unit.  It might not get finished in time for the tourney in july, it`ll definitly be ready for any `follow ups` comming from that, or become the basis for a full fledged army.

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