zaterdag 23 juni 2012

Mummy Road Show (returns) 1 - Vongalazthag Violators 1

It`s been a while, but I got a game in tonight, and nothing less then the Blood Bowl League rematch against my Nemesis' Undead team.

At the moment in the lead position of the League, having 3 games, 7 points and 15 Team rating more, I was in a definite underdog position this time, so the inducements bought me the services of a Bloodweiser babe and an extra re-roll.

Some odd things during this game: the four kick-off rolls yielded 2x Cheering Fans (both times getting me an extra re-roll) and 2 high kicks.  32000 fans attended the match, nicely split down the middle at 16000 for each squad.

The game started rather surprisingly for my opponent, as Dauntless Bob, helped with a Guard dwarf, immediatly stunned a Mummy.  Ow how would the joy have been had the dead guy been carried of the pitch.

He took his revenge nearly instantly though, as he killed one of my Dwarfs in first instance, but luckily the apothecary knew her job and changed the result to only a Badly Hurt.

A Ghoul then broke through the lines of the Hashut followers and passed to a Wight, who then ran in and scored the 1-0 halfway first half.  The resulting kickoff saw a Bull Centaur break through, but he couldn`t get just far enough before a STR 4 Wight and a lineman stopped him, thus letting the half cobble to the end.

This time though, it seemed Hashut bestowed his blessings on Dwarf Vha'Durs team, as the Violators managed to knock out no less then 4 players of the Undead, another zonbie was send of with a red card and one of my hobgoblins injured a mummy also by a fowl (but he regenerated, beuh).

One of my Hobgoblins however had the ball in his hands, and a box of Dwarf warriors steamed over his flank, holding off and protecting the carrier.  When that fella almost got isolated, he handed it off to another hobgoblin, who made the run for it over the cleared pitch, only to score in my final turn for the equalizer, 1 - 1 and a good result in my book.

The team went to cheer to the fans while three brave Hobgoblins stood poised to take some last moments beatings, but the Undead failed a pick up of the ball (he wanted to try a quick pass for an extra easy SPP), and so the match ended.

Each side had one casualty without serious consequences and the only player rolling was the Hobgoblin Hercules who had scored the touchdown.  Gaining a skill, I gave him Strip Ball, just for the cheer nastiness of that one.  Both our fan factors rose, but more importantly, I had amassed enough gold to add the final player to the roster, as The Great Bull of Hashut, my Minotaur, now became part of the team woozaaah.  From now on, winnings can go to the treasury for the `just in case`, but I still consider myself extremely lucky that I still haven`t had to replace any players on the roster so far.

League wise, I now am at 10 points out of 6 matches, it still is possible to qualify for the cross finals, but I have no clue (as it seems, no-one has) when the preliminaries are going to end...

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