dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Sho of Toucan

Sho of Toucan, leader of the anime only Steel Saints, a group of young boys equipped by the Grade Foundation with mechanical armours.  They might not generate a Cosmo of their own, but the power levels of their robotic armours seem to be on par with the better bronze saints, as shown the various times they intervened to help out our heroes in the battles with the Silver Saints.

Now, on the contrary to most manga purists, I did like the looks and designs of these armours, so when they where released as a limited edition series by Tamashii I immediatly bought the duo set, and at the Antwerp Convention I finally laid my pawns of the rather expensive (he goes around 189 euros incl shipping on average on ebay for example) Sho.

His armour represents a Toucan and in object mode is a small glider plane under which Sho hangs as he flies into battle.  His special attack involves absorbing the attacking energy of his opponent and then returning it.

The cloth itself is a gorgeous and vivid red, with the usual parts mix of metal and plastic pieces, and assembles without to many problems.

Facial expressions are accurate and I must honestly say, he is worth every penny, something I found with the whole Steel saint team, definitly some of the best models in the Myth line ever released in my modest opinion.

Meet the Team

And so here they are, all three Steel Saints, worth about 250 - 300 euros for the set of 3 models. Of the whole team, I probably should choose Daichi (the Young Wolf, the kid with the golden yellowish armour) as the best executed of the three, but don`t let that be a reason NOT to buy the whole set.  They are worth it big time!!!!

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