woensdag 27 juni 2012

500 pts Chaos Dwarfs: the B-List

Okay, this weekend TSA is having it`s `in-club` small tournament called `Het Groot Tornooi voor Kleine Legers`, roughly translated as the large tournament for small armies.  All those excellent fanbased army books out there are allowed, and my initial plan was to restore 500 points of Hobgoblins and some new units for this.

But then time started flying a bit to fast and the initial plan of painting up 94 models in under 2 months crashed spectacularly, as it takes place this weekend and I only finished about half of the planned force.  And not ever will I put an unpainted model on the tabletop, so enter plan B, a small and compact force of `regular` Chaos Dwarfs.

I opted for the Tamurkhan Legion of Azgorh list, well, for no particular reason as the models are more expensive then the Ravening Hordes versions, but they have their special armour in exchange.

Numbering only 27 models, this will be my traditional block style force, but I fear a little the horde armies I might encounter as I don`t have my beloved template weapons to thin out the enemy ranks.

So the smallish list consists of one Level 1 Deamonsmith, whose lore will be fire of metal depending what army I`ll be facing, a full command block of 16 warriors who`ll have to be the guys `solving it all` and a unit of 10 hailshot blunderbusses to hopefully take care of enemy skirmishers and other flanking forces on assassination missions.

The tournament itself has a couple special scenarios which are looking to be going heaps of fun, the first is the straightforward Pitched Battle, the second is one where evil gets bonusses on casting and dispelling dice, while the good guys all get hatred (I HOPE to face another evil force in this round, because otherwise the balance will be big time for the Goodie Two-Shoes) with an additional +50% VP bonus for both sides if destroying opponents.
The third scenaro is chasing a frog, and if you actually capture it, you even get to keep it.  Prices apparently are supplied for places 1 to 3, the red lantern and the best painted.

And this time, that other Chaos Dwarf player seems to actually be present, so my goal is set, ending above that wannabee usurper!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I`m just a tat afraid it might prove TO compact for the tourney, judging I`ve seen lists pass by with chariots and all

    1. chariot(s) can be dealt with, if you can survive the inpact hits. And i see you have some ranged weapons Tom, so you'll gonna be ok :-)