maandag 11 juni 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Algol of Perseus

One of the more recent addittions to my collection, this Silver Saint is one big bad-ass killer.  We see him first time in the series when he slays three children trying to escape from Sanctuary, as he turns them into stone and then crushes one of their heads, all in front of Aiolia.

Unbeknown at that time that he was the Gold Leo Saint, I think it would have been way better if we were shown the true power of a Gold Saint at that time, with Aiolia donning his cloth and giving a demonstration against this Silver Saint as what his power really is. 

Does it need further saying I think Algol being a jerk?

Instead, the Silver saint turns out to be one of the most hardest to defeat for the Bronze antagonists, as he ambushes the heroes when they travel to Sanctuary.  He petrifies both Seiya and Shun with his Medusa shield, and Shiryu has to blind himself (yep, here his blind / not blind career starts) in order to defeat the Perseus saint.

In the anime, this also marks the last appearance of the Steel Saints in a battle to help out the Bronzes, their impact less then in previous interventions.

As you might have noticed as well, is that I dropped the `review` part of this going series.  Basically, the gap in quality between the older and newer clothes is becomming really large, so it is like comparing apples with pears nowadays. 

Still, I`ll be showing all clothes I collect and then let you decide wether or not you want to add one to the collection, as you`ll have a `normal` picture instead of the photoshopped and colour enhanced promotion pictures of the manufacturer himself :)

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