maandag 4 juni 2012

Crash Course to Epic Failure

I`m not going to make it.  It doesn`t happen often, but it seems this time I met my match in speed painting and planning.

I wanted to join the TSA 500point tournament with a true horde of almost 100 Hobgoblins, painted up in just under 2 months, but I started stalling after the first month due to a variety of reasons...

* Two marriages and the day after hang overs costed me 2 weekends
* Intesified relationship with my girlfriend, which is a good thing, costs another lot of evenings
* I need to finish the entries for both round 5 of the Brush Slave League and the 17th edition of the Golden Hat painting contest, both over at Chaos Dwarfs Online
* I got Pokemon Pearl yesterday and a Nintendo DS from my little cousins (whom themselves both got a 3DS now), and need to catch and level up some beasties to play the Wii version with the 6year old son of my girlfriend (well, fiancee actually, but it ain`t officialised just yet).
* Sorting out still thousands of cards to complete my database and be able to trade for missing cards in my various collections.

So I`ll be attending with a 500 points Legion list instead, and hope small elite forces (I estimate I only will have around 20 to 30 models, seeing the average price of a Chaos Dwarf) will stay their place if swamped by all sides by the enemy...

Still going to try my best to get it done, but I doubt it very very much, since I`m losing next weekend as well.

I`ll update some pictures of how the Horde is standing soonish, this months BSL round has to end first as one of the regiments is now fighting it out in there.

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