donderdag 14 juni 2012

Recognising Nerdiness

This is a hard post for me, believe it.  People who know me (or have the ill chance of having to live in my `sphere of influence`) know that I`m a a not giving up, fighting chance `till we drop kind of bloke.

But once in a while, you encounter those infamous `battles you cannot win`, and the Playstation 3 challenge versus Creepy Corridor Andy is one of those things.

Oddly enough, I`m currently going through the process of `learning that game called Real Life`, with my relation and all taking a turn for the more seriousness compared to the last, well, 3 years and a jiffy or so, and this eats lots of time out of my natural routine of painting and gaming.  Mind you, i don`t mind at all, it`s working out quit well thank you.

However, this leads to several factors in the contest, in that

1. I don`t get to power up the PS3 as often as I used to
2. I tend to play those J-RPG kind of games that take 150+ hours to complete and grant just as much trophies as your average 10+ hours beat-em-up or shooter game
3. I`m playing Pokemon way to much on the DS

Yes, Pokemon.  I liked that game (the blue one on the classic GameBoy) way before the whole Pikachu hype began due to associated cartoons, and the little games are still addictive as hell (started the Pearl edition last week).

But this leads to the realisation that I won`t be able to close the gap with the Andy Family, nor is it likely to happen anyway soonish or before the end of the year.  I lost the challenge of one vs four, fair and square, and I salute my victor for having even less social life and being able to game that much.

On the other hand, my armies are getting painted at least, teeheeheee

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