donderdag 2 augustus 2012

SD Gundam Force Explosive Victory

Roightie, I`m adding the missing cards of this expansion to the `wanted` list of the House of Cards, but with some trading and all, I actually managed to narrow them down to only three cards to go still, yay me!

Superior Defender (or, in geekspeak, Deformed) Gundam was a cartoon in which the mobile suits where actually `chibi` (japanese for `cute`) characters, a drawing style in which the overal body length is between 1 to 3 times the head, and not in proportion at all.

It wasn`t bad to watch, with storylines about the same `level` as Pokemon and such, lighthearted and not the emo doom and gloom of regular Gundam series.

The cardgame was from 2003 - 2004 and consisted of 2 starterdecks of each 30 cards, and 2 expansions, Saga and Explosive Victory.  It wasn`t to bad to play so they say, not another copy of the Magic system, but I never got to actually play it.

However, I got a lot of doubles from the Explosive Victory set (all mint / near mint) so if you are looking for certain cards, drop me a line.

Now for the three cards I`m still looking for to complete this expansion:

Explosive Victory



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