zaterdag 29 september 2012

HotT 15mm Earthshaker

One of the side projects for this year was to build and paint a play legal force of 15mm Chaos Dwarfs for Hordes of the Things.  Now, this isn`t a simple plan as it turned out, because most manufacturers only have a small selection of `evil dwarfs` to usually go side by side with their much larger regular Dwarf forces, and the babylonian style wouldn`t be found anyways.

So enter the technique I call `camouflage painting`.  Take models from regular dwarf forces, as this earthshaker is actually a normal dwarven cannon by Magister Miniatures / Chariot, and give it a paint scheme similar to my `regular` Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs, and my clubmember will think Dawi Zharr the moment I deploy.  Add lava style base and the cannon is ready for war!

Now to get off my ass and paint some infantry in that scale...

... which brings us to a sort of a monthly painting round up.  The past weeks have been mostly about getting my Hordes Circle of Orboros ready for the Journeyman League, and I`m currently covered in available points almost until december.  So they can go to the side a bit.

Brush Slave and Artisan, both on Chaos Dwarf Online, have both been covered, but as the next season of the BSL will be starting immediatly after this one, I`ll have to start planning a bit about which models to enter.

The rest of the painting has been all Chaos Dwarf, with first of all and currently working on, a Deathroller for the competition over at Merry Mayhem News, and to round out my `infantry blocks` for the upcomming Duo Tournament in November.

By then, we`ll be nearing the end of the year, and many goals will fall short, the more to paint then to buy will have failed spectacularly, and good ideas for next year will be starting to take fruit...


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