vrijdag 14 december 2012

2013... The Goals

One more week of work to go before the christmas holiday period, and slowly it is time to round off the year, as not much will be moving on the goals of 2012 anymore before then.

Looking back, it hasn't been to shabby on the set goals, even though I EPICALLY failed on the paint more then buy level, I still managed to paint over 450 figures this year.  Now, with the change of hobby focus, there won't be much of a painting job going on in 2013, and the aim is set at a modest 150 models, which should take me through the current season of the Brush Slave League, finish some of my Chaos Dwarf units, and get most of my Gundam models repainted at last.

I'm still having the jury decide if I'll be participating in the next edition of the Lead Painter's League, but truth to be told, with TWO Magic Grand Prix on the schedule in 2013 and the good intentions of taking my game up a step and get more competitive, I'm doubting I'll be painting towards deadlines at all.

So what will 2013 bring for me?  It will be a year of Walking Planes, Laying Legos, Bashing Buttons and Painting Anime.

Walking Planes

The main goal for 2013 is getting my Magic game up.  With now almost one year of playing in the sanctioned scene, I have a very decent turn around of 33%, but for 2013 I would love to take that upwards to the 50%+ mark.  To that end, I'm going to compete more regularly in various formats, and with my wargame club drop out, this means first and foremost attend as much Friday Night Magic events as I can, topped by the (pre-)Release events and Gamedays.
The big trips this year are the Grand Prix London and the Grand Prix Antwerpen, together with the Pro Tour Qualifier San Diego in Antwerp and hopefully to get 300 Yearly points for the invitation to the World Tour.

With Magic, compared to wargaming, being almost a self sustaining hobby in costs (yes, I kept the numbers this year, thrust me) and way less effort in storing and 'preparing', it's needless to say this will be the big one.

The goal for 2013 is to reach Planeswalker Level 30, as I'm currently at 19.

Laying Legos

So how will the closet space be filled up then?  Well, mostly by the venerable toys of Lego.  I can play with these blocks together with the Little Munchkin, and am going to sort out all my blocks of 20 odd years ago, download the building plans of those sets gone by and well, generally have a good time and 'family quality time' instead of hiding in a corner being in an isolated hobby.

It won't be a goal in itself, but expect some posts to pass by over the months as I am restoring old sets on the one hand, and yes I admit, will be buying the odd little ones for display on the other hand.

Bashing Buttons

2013 will also see the all official, all real this time Playstation challenge between me and Andy.  Running for 363 days, you'll get the explanation of what it is going to be and what the 'prize' will be on the 2nd of january.

Bar that, my aim for 2013 is to get to level 15 on the PS profile (feel free to add me to your friends, my name on the Playstation Network is Yokai_Tomsche), as I'm currently 2/3s through level 12.  That means a grand total of 40000 points will be needed, about as many as I currently have. 

I'm just counting on my posse to help me out a bit, just like Andy has his crew to advance in the points.

All Things Anime

The final goal is to paint 150 models.  Most of them will be Anime models, as well, that is what I have most.  Now I'm going to try to get as much BSL rounds done with anime models as well, but IF I decide to enter the LPL, it will be a 10 rounder of only japanese style figures, even if this means not getting bonus points.  If I don't enter it; I'll still have a lot to paint after all ;-)

This will also include all the model kiyts I'm going to build and paint (hopefully), project Gundanium hasn't been buried, it's just on the backburner for now ;-)

And just remember this name: Phoenix...

Of course, all of the above is providing the Maya's have it all wrong...

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