maandag 31 december 2012

It's here... the ULTIMATE PS3 battle

And this year, it's the real deal.  The rules have been made up, the price has been decided.  Now follows 1 year of gaming.  12 months of button bashing.  365 days to earn the ultimate bragging rights!

It's kicking off one day earlier, because of on the one hand we both will have a lot to do today and not much time to play, and on the other hand that way the children can have *something* to do while the families will be gorging down tons of food and sell drunken brabble.

Pitty I don't classify under a 'big child' on those days...

But the rules are simple.  Andy is starting with an 8670 points lead on the PSN network, and we're tracking it through the YourGamerCards (mine is at the bottom of the blog).
The winner is that player (or family to be precise) that gains the most points extra, with a small margin to be called a draw of around 250 points (slightly less then one Network game's full trophy support).  Basically, this bottles down to: if Andy has a 9000 point lead he wins, if the lead has shrunk in the end to 8400 or less I win...

But what is there to win?  FOOD, that other walhalla of the gaming nerd.  The deal is that the losing family organises a dinner party at their home for the winners.  Time to brag during that party... and toss some games in?

Anywyas, I'll be posting updated profiles on this blog about every first sunday of the month give or take calendar requirements.  I also added an extra page to the blog where I'll be updating more frequently to keep a bit more of an oversight mainly for myself.

Gentlemen... start your Dualshock's and press the PS Button NOW!


Points: 22.695
Level: 12 - 83%

Platinum Trophies: 3
Gold Trophies: 45
Silver Trophies: 198
Bronze Trophies: 811

Games played: 176
Games Beaten: 22


Points: 31.365
Level: 13 - 92%

Platinum Trophies: 7
Gold Trophies: 79
Silver Trophies: 246
Bronze Trophies: 1041

Games played: 150
Games Beaten: 15

This means Andy starts the year with a lead of 8670 points

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  1. Finally the ultimate PS3 battle comences! May the best crew win! :-)