donderdag 27 december 2012

May the Brick be With You

Bit of an all lego Star Wars post here, as the holiday season has been good for me on that level.

It all started at the beginning of december, when my girlfriend got me the Star wars advent calender, meaning 24 days of either minifig or minikit goodness, including 2 limited edition minifigs.

My personal favorites in the end are on the first place the `snowman R2-D2`

Second place goes to `Santa Maul`

While for bronze, I`m stuck with a `3-day` tie, on the one hand a Gungan minifig and a Gungan catapult combo, on the other hand the Naboo figures.

Furhter goodness included under the christmas tree two Star Wars books, the `Bouwmeesters` which comes with bricks to build 4 `duels` of a Clone warrior vs a Droid, for which i opted to build the wood battle with a grav-vehicle vs a walker.  Other options where a speeder battle (tempted by that one as well), a mini kit dropship vs droid tank, and a set I didn`t like, being basically minifig versions of the dropship vs tank.

and the Star wars encyclopedia with a limited edition Luke Skywalker in the costume he receives his medal in at the end of A New Hope, having destroyed the Death Star in the battle of Yavin.

One happy big little child here hehehe...

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