dinsdag 11 december 2012

Belgian Legacy Cup 2012 Finals

Past sunday the finals of a series of Legacy tournaments in Belgium took place here in Berchem, Antwerp.

The Belgian Legacy Cup is a tournament series of 5 tournaments and a finale, with a nice price support, the winner taking home this coveted trophy containing all the Revised Edition dual lands, and the title of champion.

Unfortunatly, the system of byes to be gained in the previous tournaments meant that there where no sanctioned DCI points to be gained (I only read that the morning before leaving to the event when checking what the exact housenumber of the venue was), and the finals contained 84 players.

This meant a STAGGERING 7 rounds plus the top-8 would be played, meaning that you could easily be playing there till around 2100 hrs if you managed to go to the finale.

Of course, the Tournament sponsor, The Brassman, had a trade stand present, with lots of nice finds in them for democratic prices.

I took along my mono green `Blitzkrieg` deck, but was hampered by mana flood all day!  With 20 Forests on 60 cards, and searching out extra ones with Nature`s Lore, this was completely against all odds of statistics, and the one round in a match I managed to win was when my deck actually did what it was supposed to do (13 damage Groundbreaker + Old Kroza + Giant Growth out of nothing on turn 3 for example thanks to 3 forests and 2 Llanowar Elves) it hot hard and scared opponents.  Not that I would have gotten to the finals or so, but I would have been less grumbling afterwards.  Maybe I should buy a book about how to shuffle cards or so lol.

I dropped after 3 rounds as I was then officially out of the running for the top spots, and decided to go home and spend the afternoon hopping around to family with the household as I couldn`t pick up some DCI points anyhow, but it was great fun and I`m going to snatch along one or two tournaments in the next edition.  I like the Legacy format, but I am going to tinker with my deck to transform it from mono green to red/green and include some minor burn spell power.  I had it three times this tournament to bring down my opponent to 3 or less damage, only to have the deck stall then and him being able to recover and Jace / Deathrite Shaman me into oblivion.

This was the decklist I took:

4x Groundbreaker
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Primal Forcemage
4x Timbermare
4x Uktabi Drake
4x Yavimaya Ants

4x Giant Growth
4x Might of Old Krosa
4x Nature`s Lore
4x Worldly Tutor

20 Forests

The idea is pretty simple, play a Forest and an Elf on turn one (mulligan if needed to get that in the opening hand), then do hit and runs each turn before the opponent can build a decent defense or start his Storm.

In hindsight, even with changing out Hickory Woodlots (lands that cycle) for the Worldly Tutors, it was the mana flood that took away any hopes.  Now I`m planning to tinker with the deck by tossing out 6 Forests, 2 Primal Forcemages (they will do anything to counter this guy anyways), 2 Yavimaya Ants (to slow) and 2 Nature Lore`s (with dropping to 14 basic and 4 dual lands, it`s unlikely I need to search more forests, and I need only 5 mana tops uberhaubt to let the deck do his thing each turn).

In will come 4 of the new pain dual lands from Gatecrash (released start of february 2013), namely the Boros` one, Stomping Grounds (green / red dual), whom I suspect will become a highly popular one for all those aggro decks out there, I imagine Thragtusk / Red decks showing up everywhere now, 4 Lightning Bolts (for those last few burns, and why I`m putting in the dual lands to start with) and 4 Berserks, making the beasties smack in much harder.

We`ll see what that gives next year!

Ciao ciao.

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