vrijdag 28 december 2012

Carddass Saint Seiya Crusade: Asgard and Poseidon

I received my three booster boxes (45 boosters in total) of the newest Saint Seiya expansion this morning, and the sorting has been taken place.

The set takes place in my favorite setting on the one hand, the Asgard (anime only) chapter, and follows through with the Poseidon chapter.  The God Warriors are normal rare cards, but the Poseidon generals are all metallic foils just like the Gold Saints used to be in the Twelve Temples set.

Not to bad a haul as I had the Microcosm ultra rare card in the set, this edition being Poseidon himself, and 3 out of the 6 `gold foil alternate` cards with Seiya, Ikki and Hagen of Merak.

All the commands and unit cards in all four colours are complete as well, bar the green ones where I still miss two Metallic cards, them bein Shiryu in Libra cloth and the Marinas general Krishna of Chrysaor, so that will be a total of 5 missing cards for this set excluding any Buy a Box promos, of which I had two Seiya`s and one Ikki in my three boxes.

Maybe an idea for Wizards of the Coast, to include a Buy a Box promo in each booster box instead of for the first xxx buyers of a set?

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