vrijdag 14 december 2012

Looking for the Holy Grail

Everyone wargamer, collector or hobbyist has it.  That one miniature you keep looking for for years on end, and that keeps eluding your grasp.  You search eBay on an almost daily basis, have half a dozen more or less relevant site searches stored and mailing you any finds it comes upon, and troll forums in the vain hope of getting that one particular model.  And after you find this usually rare `chase`, `collectors edition` or `limited edition` model... you`ll be starting the whole cycle again with the next model you want...

This is currently mine, a soft plastic gashapon `bottlecap` figure of Saint Seiya.  It was the chase model of the second series of models, the set with all the Poseidon generals, and features the sexy Miss Shaina and Kiki, guarding the golden Libra cloth.

I have the full series, I have the original first series inclusing it`s rare chase model, but I keep missing out on this one for two years now.

The models are ideal for repainting and use in wargaming, as I did earlier this year with the March of the Gold Saints in the Lead Painters League and the Mordheim battle report featuring the Bronze Saints.

So if anyone has one lying around he wants to part with, OR can point me to a website they frequent where they still sell her, please, please drop me a line.

Many thanks!

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