dinsdag 18 december 2012

A Magically Year

Season Three has ended for the Planeswalker Points system of the Magic the Gathering sanctioned play, and that means it has been one year now that I`ve been playing more or less competitive.

And dind`t do TO shabby for a rookie, with a best result being a Top-8 placing in the GPT Moskou back in september.

At the moment, I collected 210 lifetime points (a few where from a pre-release / release chain right before the first season of 2012 started running, didn`t follow my progress back then nor played anything else then the releases) and 165 Yearly points.

Now, for someone of my `level`, the Seasonal points at best can get you a single buy in a GP, IF I manage to get 400 of them in a single Season (a season lasting 3 months), and 300 Yearly points qualifies you to be allowed to compete in the World Tour Qualifiers.

The scond will be more manageable the the first though, but I`ll go down fighting if need be...

During the first season, which ran from 26/12/2011 until 01/04/2012 I collected 26 points, not placing me in the top 20.000 of Europe and putting me in spot 558 out of 1346 in Belgium.

Second season, running from 02/04/2012 until 19/08/2012 yielded me a gain of 93 points, jumping me into the top 20.000 in Europe on spot 14.151 and in Belgium to place 401 out of 1537.  This was mainly thanks to the heavily attended Outpost Open in Antwerp with his Sealed and Legacy formats, which had a x3 multiplier and I attended the whole weekend.

Season 3, which has just ended after running from 20/08/2012 until past sunday, the 16/12/2012, hoisted another 72 points, good for spot 16.700 out of 20.000 in Europe and 349 out of 1374 within the national boundaries overhere.

As you can see, the turn-around of about 33% game wins (and considering those points are gathered by actually only competing in 29 events, of which 3 or 4 where only `Casual` format) I`m actually rather proud of how I brought it all off this year.

On into the next season, and let`s see if we can get at least the Yearly Points up from 165 to 300 before March 2013...

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