zondag 16 december 2012

Lego Pirates of the Carribean - 3rd Platinum Trophy!

And so I finally achieved my THIRD platinum trophy for the Playstation 3, not bad *kuch* for a game system I now have exactly 3 years in my home...  At this rate, it's going to take about 170 years to platinum all my games, provided I don't get any new ones (fat chance!)

The honour of number 3 goes to the Lego Pirates of the Carribean game, and it's a bit of a special place in my heart game these days... it is the solemn reason I'm 'back' into the whole Lego thing as one could have seen in my Blogposts the past few weeks.

Here is a rough chronological turn of events:

September 2012: I bought a Playstation 3 for use over at my GFs appartment, to be able to do something with the Little One together in the evenings, and to be able to have ,ore 'ideas' when people ask what he likes for his birthday.
He also received the Pirates game from my niece for his birthday, so enter the adventures of Jack Sparrow in Brickland.

Now, the munchkin is still putting his feet one next to the other in gaming land, so soon the question arose if I could finish the game for him so he could play everything on Free Play, and select Blackbeard.  At first I was all sceptical about those Lego games, but they proved great fun and really funny, that I happily obliged to this.  One 10 hour gaming marathon later, this all had been done.

After that of course, he wanted Davy Jones...

So the grinding for studs (basically, the lego game coinage system) began and unlocking the red bricks for stud multipliers.  By the time this was achieved, I was at over 60 percent of the game completion and trophies, and opted to go for the platinum.

By that time, those little bricks also had me all in their cluthces again, and the BrickMania Lego event I posted about a while ago locked the pact with the studheaded devil.

So this weekend I went for an all outer and both yesterday afternoon and this morning I gamed as hell to get it all done, realising the goal just under half an hour ago!

The conclusion?  The Lego games ARE great fun, the next platinum target is the Lord of the Rings variant, while toggling between the Harry Potter years 1-4 overhere to unlock all free plays as well.  And I got the DC and other Harry Potter lying at the ready as well hehehe.

Now only to get the Indiana Jones 2 and Star Wars 3 Lego games, and I have the full collection of Lego Trophy supported games to battle and brick lay my way in the PS3 challenge next year!

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