maandag 20 mei 2013

Coolest... Transformers... EVER... available again

Grimlock.  Swoop.  Snarl.  Slag.  Sludge.  Without a doubt the team of the coolest Transformers EVER.  These five names form the elite 'let's give those Decepticons a good bashin'' team... the Autobot DINOBOTS.

And now a re-issue, knock off whatevs set is being released and available again, I tracked them down to a store in The Netherlands at Antwerp Convention (and subsequently cursed I forgot to bring my bank card to get the whole team in one go), at 50 euros a piece, 200 euros for the full set of 5.

I AM GOING TO GET THESE GUYS.  Many a wargame item will be traded off, many a Magic card traded away, to gather the funds ASAP for these wonderful models.

Hell, even my aunt always liked these particular Transformers, she bought me the original Grimlock ages ago (sadly lost in the age called puberty), so auntie Mie, soonish they will be on display at 'Casa Murrath' again.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. I am pretty sure we had all of those as a kid and while they are were played with they are still stored in my mom's basement. I got them all out about 5 years ago to see what was there. We also had all the constructacons but one broken in half so we could not build the giant guy anymore.

  2. Unfortunatly, my mom tossed all my toys (Transformers, GI Joe, MASK, Starcom etc) when I hit puberty and didn't look at them anymore.

    I still cry they haven't been just put away in box, though I doubt many would have been in excellent state still :-)

  3. Some of our stuff got sold at Garage Sales, GI Joe, He Man but the transformers, Star Wars, Legos, and StarCom stuff is still there.

  4. I remember these. Sludge was one of the first toys I ever had...