donderdag 16 mei 2013

The 9th Platinum: Lego Lord of the Rings (Vita)

I just gained my second Vita platinum, the ninth overall.  The game in question is Lego Lord of the Rings, based on the movies and the game on the PS3, minus the 200+ Mithril bricks you need to look for.

The game is a neat thingie, not that hard like all the Lego games (averagely rating Medium or 4/10 on most rating sites), involving the usual three times to finish the whole game and get all collectibles (story mode, free play mode and mop ups of levels).

Two hints:

* Bar the two mass battle levels in story mode (Helm's Deep and Pelenor Fields, where you tend to die a lot in all the chaos and confusion) all levels can reach True Adventurer about 2/3rds down the line by smashing just every plant and rock you come across.

* During the Dunharrow / Paths of the Dead levels and hubs, you can unlock a lowly 'Soldier of the Dead'.  Buy him immediatly when you start Free Play, as he is all Mithril hearts (aka, unkillable unless you fall from great heights or wander of the 'game area') and this helps a lot in the level go throughs for collectables and all.

You'll also notice you still have two characters open when the all characters found trophy unlocks.  Don't distress, this isn't a glitch, as soon as you reach 100% completion, you receive Elrond (2nd age) and Lurtz (newborn) as additional rewards.

Now, unto the grind for the next platinum in this ever lasting battle with AnRoDr and the Playstation 3 Challenge.  I'll need them, as every point gained will be welcome after the beatings of the past two months...

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