dinsdag 28 mei 2013

The Playstation Challenge: part 5 of 12

So we near the end of yet another month is this battle between two amateur gamers, for the honour of the bragging rights and a free meal as these teams try desperatly to knock out each other.

This month it seems the table swinged a little bit back in my favour, reducing the gap to 5730 points, comming from 8970 points last month, a net gain of 3240 points compared to Andy.  Now in all honesty, this is mainly due to the fact that for the comming months, HOPEFULLY untill the 2nd of september, I`m a member of the `In-Betweeners` as one career ended and I`m waiting to start a totally different, no past attached, fresh one.  This leaves me with a lot of extra game hours between the still Herculean work of clearing out and severing the old hobby ties.

The oversight of gained spoils, updated after every monthly update post.

Last update: 28st of May 2013


Points: 40.605 + 5700 points
Level: 15 - 7% + 71%, 1 level gained

Platinum Trophies: 10 + 3
Gold Trophies: 93 + 23
Silver Trophies: 336 + 38
Bronze Trophies: 1357 + 130

Games played: 249 + 21
Games Beaten: 31 + 4


Points: 46.335 + 2490 points
Level: 15 - 79% + 31%

Platinum Trophies: 13 + 0
Gold Trophies: 117 + 3
Silver Trophies: 357 + 30
Bronze Trophies: 1517 + 88

Games played: 196 + 8
Games Beaten: 26 + 5

This means Andy starts the year with a lead of 8670 points, currently the gap is 5730 (WIN TOMSCHE)

The biggest difference this month though in managing to more then double the points gained compared to Andy is not the 3 platinums per se (Lego Vita Lord of the Rings, Lego Vita Harry Potter 5 -7 and MegaMind) compared to his 0, but mostly the 23 versus 3 Gold trophies.  At 90 points for a gold trophy, this weighs in seriously in the end account.

Next month I might be able to score two to three more platinums `easily` with games above 80 percent, but I just haven`t gotten around to play them a lot recently (still X-Men Destiny, Lego Vita Batman and Lego Harry Potter 5-7), but I actually might get around that the comming month, it will all depend a lot on how the administration, Bane of anything Belgian, mill will be turning...

Ending the shabang, let`s have a look at the global and national rankings at the moment...

Andy ranks on a global scale, out of 1.288.107 tracked profiles, on a 74.030th place, but still hasn`t been able to make the small jump nationwide in the top 1000, lingering at a 1.059th place at the moment.

I am ranking on global level still far behind, trailing back at 101.146 and still a long way of the top 100.000, while in Belgium at spot 1.392 the top 1.000 is also still a good way off.

Thus ends the 5th instalment of the battle, see you back in month for more numerical shennanigans, I`m off now to plan my strategy to actually overtake Andy the comming month (FAT CHANCE).

And Andy... where is my follow up article about gaming the past month?

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  1. Damn! You've had a good month Tomsche ;-)

    Check out the forumthread: http://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/4726-the-year-long-challenge/page-2

    Fear next month, we're going to catch up!!! LOL

    oh ... the folluw up post is almost done alongside something that you may not be expecting :-)