donderdag 23 mei 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Hades Shun

When Hades chooses to reincarnate, he takes possession of the body of the gentlest soul roaming the Earth, while his own body rests safely in Elysium.

During the holy war of the 20th Century, that gentlest soul also happened to be one of Athena's Saints, the Andromeda saint Shun.

The brother of Phoenix is a pacifist in heart and soul, and only has been forced to kill his opponents, after he always tried to spare their lives, a weakness the perhaps strongest of the Bronze saints is been scowled upon by his brother, Phoenix Ikki.  In the anime, his hair at first turned a reddish brown when he became the host, but in the magna, this was already his original hair colour, only to turn to purest black later on when the spirit of Hades started to awaken.

The model itself is like the genre of Pandora and the Grand Pope that came with the Gemini set, being a basic model without armour, some robes, and in this case as an accessoire the Throne of Hades.

It is a pretty nigty set to have in your collection as a centrepiece for your 'dark servants', but all in all it has to be said that there is nothing spectacular or special about the model.  I picked it up for a measly 30 euros at Antwerp Convention last month, but otherwise I wouldn't have shelved out the 60+ euros this model goes for minimum on sites like eBay.

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