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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Koga of Pegasus

 Koga.  The Pegasus saint of the next generation, as depicted in Saint Seiya Omega.  A young baby found and raised by Athena, and brother of Aria who was to become the new Athena in Mars's plans.  

Being bathed in Darkness cosmo when he was found after the impact of the dark meteor, he uses the lcosmo of Light but is ultimately posessed by Abzu, God of Darkness, before with the help of his companions as well as Seiya and Athena, breaking free of his hold and defeating the god.

Trained by the Silver Saint Shaina, he realizes his destiny when Mars appears and steals away Athena, making Koga realise how weak he still is as he was unable to help her, and sets of on his journey to become a stronger saint.

This leads him through the 'Omega version' of the galaxian Wars (now a school tournament), the Silver Saint arc (with cameos of all 'Legendary Saints' bar Ikki) and finally the storming of the 'new' Twelve houses (leaving even more of a mess then the originals did).

Okay, let's start out by stating that this isn't a Myth cloth in the true fashion of the series, but instead kind of an action figure.  Produced by BanDai under their SH Figuarts banner, the model is in scale with the regular cloth bearers.

BUT it doesn't have an assembleable armour, instead it is a one piece sculpt where you only have the options of changing heads and hands to make different poses, and is all plastic.  The reason for this being the (in my opinion) silly Cloth stone theory of the first season of Omega, together with the fact that the new armours had what looked like actual clothing as part of the cloth.  Like Eden's scarves, Yuna's shoulder 'banners' and in this case, Koga's shoulder plates.

Luckily they skipped the idea for the second season, and brought back the object modes and Pandora boxes, bringing the series back in line with the original canon and 'tech' of the franchise, so actual myth cloth figures might be on the horizon in the future.  And they already had the 'elements' powered thing fade out to a wisp during the second part of season one luckily...

The figure itself is a very good representation of the new generation Pegasus though, and I modelled him when he is about to unleash the famous Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken (the Meteors of Pegasus), being a one cast the model is easily poseable.

Definitly not a bad buy, and with Yuna comming out in this line I'm going to get her over time as well, though they aren't high on the priorities list personally...

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