donderdag 2 mei 2013

Imported Playstation Games

Thanks to that lovely site called Play Asia, I managed to get my hands on some coolish, nerdy, my kinda geek games for the various Playstation portable devices.

First of all, I finally got the Saint Seiya Omega Ultimate Cosmos game for the Playstation Portable, heck, I actually BOUGHT a PSP three weeks ago just to order this particular game.  Pity in a way that Sony is giving the Vita`s predecessor an extended lease on life (though I doubt it`ll be able to break the venerable PS2`s record) as this means no Trophy support in a game I`m bound to get my teeth in big time.

Secondly, talking Vita, I also got the Mobile Suite SEED Destiny game for the hardware gempiece.  Surely, like Saint Seiya it is all japanese menus and dialogues, but thanks to a start menu translation site, I can load and save, and for all the rest I`m drawing on my `experience` in playing Gundam games.
I even managed already to score two bronze trophies for it (I *think* for completing the tutorial, and one for scoring my first `excellent` or SS rating score in a mission), though I do realize that with my modest knowledge of (spoken) japanese, I won`t 'get' the more subtle trophies.  Kill that, complete this etc etc will be doable, but the more obscure ones will be standing in the way between platinum and me unless they somehow pop by accident.

I also swore that I will have the Kanji of my very first ever Platinum Gundam or Seiya game I ever should score tattood onto my ribcage... once I managed to survive my GF on that issue that is.

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