vrijdag 24 mei 2013

First yearly goal achieved

Well, just before June, and thanks to the Playstation Challenge, I've already achieved my first of three goals for this year.

I reached level 15 on the PSN, which at the same time popped the 40.000 points achievement as well.

The trophy responsible for this is the bronze 'Sky Survivor' for finishing Chapter 10 in the Skylander's Giants storyline.

Now the battle in this challenge continues for 7 more months, so I'm going to raise the result by at least about three more levels I think (though it does take 8.000 points for a single level to complete), at least this thing is out of the way.

With my life settling a bit back to normal after the not so happy things of the last weeks, the next target is going to be the level 30 in Magic The Gathering Planeswalker Points (though I'm going to have to start playing again then soonish), but I doubt I'm goign to make the aim for 150 painted wargame models... heck, I even doubt after all closets and boxes are sorted through, I even will have that many unpainted / to repaint anyways...

Only time will tell, now back to business... gain a free meal at the end of the year!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Congrats dude, nice run! :-)

    I'll be mainly trying to keep the "damage" to a minimun the comming months. After the summer i will try to get back ahead of you ...

    Game on!!

  2. The `plan` is to overtake you in the summer, as a member of the `In-Betweeners` the comming 3 months ;-)