donderdag 23 mei 2013

I`m feeling Jazz-y tonight

Jazz... your all-time favorite Autobot Special Ops officer (I`m not talking that wannabee gangsta they made of him in the first movie, I almost felt glad he had a swift demise) and cool Porsche 911 sportscar.

It is always fun to come to your house and find some parcels waiting for you.  The first one is the superb Fall of Cybertron series Jazz, one I recreated with the armor sets and colourings in the Multiplayer of said Playstation 3 game.

Now he can stand beside me on the table while I game, granting me valuable advise on tactics and firepoints.

The second one is the Kre-O version, the Hasbro `not Lego` range, whom I`ll be building tonight while the GF watches the tube.

Okay, so he is based on the Pontiac Solstice version of the movie range (urgh) BUT he comes with the ubercool `cartoon style` mini jazz minifigure.

Me happy, now to keep on gathering funds for those Dinobots...

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