vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Kanon of Sea Dragon

Kanon, younger twin brother of the gold Gemini saint Saga, is by himself responsible for instigating no less then two wars in the story arc of the Saints.

Being pure evil and ambitious, he planted the seeds in his brothers mind to assassinate both the Grand Pope and the infant Athena, resulting to the battle with the Gold Saints and leaving Sanctuary severly weakenend.  He was imprisoned by his brother a decade before these events, and even though he was saved by Athena, he escaped to Atlantis and stole the Sea Dragon scale, manipulating the slowly awakening Poseidon and starting the war between Atlantis and Sanctuary.

However, he repented for his sins during the story arc of Hades, taking up the mantle of the new gold Saint in honor of his brother, and turns out to be just as powerful as his brother, defeating the three judges of Hades before delivering his cloth to the Wailing Wall for his brother to reincarnate and break the barrier to Elysium.

The myth cloth comes with two figures, on the one side the 'mysterious' look before it became revealed who the Sea Dragon is, and on the other hand a Kanon figure with the option to dress him up in plain clothes.

I went for 'maximum value' and build both figures, as seen on the picture, to adorn my Saints cabinet (I promise to post a picture soonish).

The Saint itself is a fairly straightforward and solid build, in the trends of the regular gold saints.  Just remember to add the cloak if you want to include that one before adding the shoulderpads, as this is a tight fit and can't be 'slipped under' once the pads are added to the chestpiece.

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