woensdag 29 mei 2013

Lost Classics

Ever since I restarted collecting Transformers, up and about the release of the second movie - not due to the movie, but due to getting the original cartoon dvds for 1 euro a piece - I've been cursing my puberty.

That dark period in my life has resulted in the tossing away of a lot of 'Robots in Disguise' which would now be reverently called 'G1' or 'Generation 1s'.  But thank the lord for re-issues, and the chance to get some back into the collection...

Now, with the restart I did decide some things for myself to guide the collection, namely to only get those I like and within these 3 criteria:

* They have to be Autobots

* They have to transform in cars (called 'auto' in dutch conveniently)

* The Dinobots are exlcuded from point 2, they just rule supreme

Now, scouring the web, in search of the classics for affordable prices, I must say there are 4 I am still so fond off from the old days, that I'm going to try and get them back in my display cabinets

1 Jazz.  The ultrafast, special ops agent of the Autobots.  And the fact he transforms into a Porsche 911 is an added bonus of course.

2. Mirage.  He becomes a formula one car (to be exact, a Ligier from around the early 1980s)

3. Tracks.  Not one of the more well known autobots, but his dark blue Corvette mode has always 'stayed attached' in my brain.

4. Prowl.  I don't know why, but there is something about him I like.  It is since the comic days, when in the early issues, Ratchet tried to repair his fellow Autobots and Prowl, though weakened, was amongst the first to awaken and save the doc from some human punks that had stolen some of his medical tools.

Of course, the secret agenda of this post is that my birthday is comming in a thick month, and the GF never has any idea what she would get to make me a happy little camper... *hint hint*

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Our Jazz and Prowl have broken windshields. Do not remember Tracks but he seems like a slightly later release since he has the heat sensitive decal.

  2. They all had them I believe in the first three waves, Jazz and Prowl where first first generations, comming from the Takara Diaclone range, Tracks was a release of the second year (1985)

    BTW, both Jazz and Prowl have the heat sensitive shield as well, on their car form hubcaps ;-)