donderdag 7 november 2019

Morannon expansion

The next batch of Mordor troops have been finished, as my ranks keep swelling fo the dark lord Sauron.

And this time, it's in the form of more Morannon orcs from the Pelennor boxed set.

The total amount of "upgraded" Orc warriors this time are 18 of the warriors, armed in a variety of ways.  The batch consists of 13 hand weapon and shield, 3 spear and shield and 2 with just basic spears, these add some serious rank and file numbers to the budding force.  Not to mention a nice boost of 147 points to the tally.

What's more, they have been 'in progress' on the to do pile for over a year, as they came in the starter box, so they'll be a mark off for my Bingo as well...

Now to really start painting up some characters to lead all my rabble on the field of battle...

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