dinsdag 12 november 2019

The Crisis gem I discovered

Sadly, let me say I didn't find time to sit down and play a demo, and later on blatantly forgot to purchase from them.

But the hidden gem for me that I saw on this year's Crisis show was a new polish brand of 6mm ACW figures.

Made by GM Boardgames, Gods of War: Lee is using high quality 6mm PRINTED figures instead of the usual metal ones, and this shows in their price as it ain't that expensive for an army box, coming down to about 50 euro for one.

The models looked quite stunning at the show, and it caused me to considering ordering one soon.  I just need to free up some budget for one of them (or heck, both, and then get Nemesis to play as well) but that shouldn't be to hard to achieve.  On both fronts.

The ruleset was available at Crisis in english, but as I said a while ago in my show report, the time I spend "indulging" this years convention was decided by Lord Ipsqueek, so I couldn't just do all I wanted unfortunatly.

Never the less, it's something I'll be seriously following up on, and take it from there to get me some small scale Union for one, and Confederate perhaps, over the coming months.

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