zaterdag 16 november 2019

The Haul Report 204

Well, Crisis has passed again, and the loot of the convention could be seen in a seperate post from earlier this week HERE.

So it's back to regular business now, and let's have a look at what the mailman dropped by in the week going to and coming after our annual wargames show.

And the first one was, ow yes, cellphone covers... it's addictive m'kay...

But also on the 6mm front some parcels arrived.

From Perfect Six Miniatures, an assortment of scatter terrain came in, together with lifestock and farmers.

While from Heroics and Ros my italians to build a small CSIR force with arrived as well.

I bet Nemesis's planned Russians are already scared to hell!

More world war 2 arrived from Scotia, as my 1000 points Belgian force fell in the mailbox.

As did some Khurasan Colonial Marines and their APC's.

More small scale goodies came in the form of 1/400 Gundams, whom I'll be using for Mobile Suit Skirmish in the future.

Brigade Models also delivered this week, as their Neo-Soviets, to be used alongside the Gundams as Zeon tanks.

And of course, all that shiny stuff needs to be based...

Good times indeed...

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