woensdag 13 november 2019

Turning towards "the God scale"

With the moving of places completed, and me slowly getting round to unpacking everything and loading up the new cabinet with figures, it might be time to make some big changes.

Well, big is perhaps a bad wording for what is essentially a serious downscale in the hobby... literally.

With me and Nemesis jumping into BKC4 recently (our forces are being constructed, or at least doing their journey in the mail), I have been reading up on the scale a lot.  Also for painting articles and YouTube being a good friend for this once again...

Now, I understand more then ever the benefit of what is referred to as the "God scale".  Not so named in yet another discussion what is the best scale to game in, but in the fact you overlook a battlefield with huge armies from a God's point of view.  Storage benefits (as seen on the picture how another blogger did it), transport ease... I can see the great plusses for someone with limited ability on both accounts.

To that end, bar FWC and BKC4, Im going to be dabbling into this scale a lot more, and might even drag Nemesis into it with me (or collect both sides of a conflict and have Noshi have a go) as I can store literally an army now on the space of a single regiment of 28mm (which I measured!), so suddenly all that musket era warfare seems feasible again.

A second benefit is a bit twofold: an army is dead cheap, and it doesn't take years to complete in painting, so even if I grab a new force every two months, that would still cost me only the price of two units of regular scale miniatures, but will paint up faster  The scale lends itself mostly to basecolour + wash for painting, preferably over a brown undercoat, as to much detail is lost on those small models anyways.

A third great thing I read about for the scale, is that if you just grab any set of 28mm rules, and change the inches into centimetres, the games are highly playable in this scale.  This also makes that a 6x4 table, or 72x48 inches, suddenly beco,es a 72x48 centimeter surface and fits a dinner table perfectly.

So yes, I am on the verge of converting to the scale, and my "wet dream is one day to run a game at an event using GW's War of the Ring rules, but in scale 6mm...

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