zondag 17 november 2019

Warhammer is returning

I had predicted it to my clubmates at the build up of Hammer and Swords end of september: GW is going to bring back square based, ranked up regiments to fantasy.

I also had zilch insider info, it was more a jokingly statement due to the amount of success T9A has...

But sometimes wild predictions come true, and yesterday Warhammer Community... announced Warhammer!

Surely it will be a long term project, probably taking about 2-3 years to come to fruition (still swifter then plastic Sisters ever where) but my beloved first wargame is going to return.

Now, this does give me an X amount of years to restore both my Chaos Dwarves and paint up the Japanese inspired Empire army on the one hand, instead of X amount of months.  Okay, I'll still do a force to be able to play tournaments with in T9A in the meantime, but let's say I am "rather excited" with the news.

Glorious ranks upon ranks of warriors marching over the battlefield with a ruleset I know pretty well since 1994, that is bound to bring back very very fun times!

Now the countdown begins...

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  1. Yes, this looks good. I've already rebased my old WHFB miniatures for HoTT. When (if) the new version comes out, I'll just buy all new mini's for it (which, in 3 years, will no doubt be all re-sculpted anyway).