zaterdag 7 mei 2011

Has the time cometh...

... in a wargamers life when he suddenly realises he has heaps of projects and vague ideas going yet can`t be bothered with most of them?

So yeah, time for a bit of a rant, a soul search or a bump to reality, whatever term one prefers teeheeheee...

Apparently, from what i read all over the net when looking at other gamers, at a certain point in time they settle on a scale and a few periods, and all the rest slowly fades to the back of Lead Mountain, to end up on bring and buys, online auctions and such more.

Yesterday night I suddenly realised that I have reached that point.

I played a game of Babylon 5 using the ACTA2 rules, a game our group has played for years and years until we took a roughly years break past year... and it didn`t do zilch for me anymore. I`m tired of the game and so many other systems, tried to `jump start` some other periods and rules, only to be the one to have the least intrest remaining in the end.

When one looks at ones painting table, it becomes apparently clear where ones focus lies, and after rummaging through heaps of boxes with models (I have over 2400 still to paint) and selecting all things I would actually ENJOY to paint... Lead Mountaind shrunk back to just over 500 figures... or about one fifth of the stuff I have lying around.

That couldn`t be right! I must be delirious! So I went to check on the things I spend the most money on in the last months. One buyes what he likes after all, doesn`t he?
The results? Depressing! It seems most of my money went in the first place to... non wargaming collectable models, in my case Saint Seiya Myth clothes:

followed by 28mm American Civil War, gasaphon Gundams that I repaint for gaming use and heroclix (Marvel) superheroes.

Okay, that settles it then, that seems what I personally settled on as my favorite periods. Well, it ain`t that simple of course, but as you have been able to read on this rambling society pages, I am `more then a bit fond of anime and comics` so maybe, just maybe it wouldn`t be a bad idea to actually focus on those a bit more and clear out the other stuff. Deal!

This leaves me of course with over more then a 1000 unpainted models taking in precious space, so I guess I`m going to have to sponsor some Bring and Buyers the comming months. So be it then. And then of course the pitfall of a repeat offender... to NOT get my head made mad again with this or that project, even if it means I`m going to be playing fewer games in the comming month, it is a sacrifice necessary to take in order to finally start working to that `quality over quantity` collection in which fewer deadlines mean slightly better painted models.
This will mean the definitive `coup de grace` for some planned large projects that never took off, like my warhammer come back, a 40 tau army or the likes... but at least I`ll be making someone somewhere happy with a find on a BnB and my little soul can sleep a tad easier.

Well, so far for ranting, back to the core business, there`s a heap of blue coats waiting for a second layer of paint.

Ciao Ciao

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Now there's a change in plans! I must say, you're probably right...there are so many games, so many likeable models...although you want it all, you just can't have it all!

    (actually you can but it's too much for lust this lifetime!)

    Some of your stuff is pobably gonna end up with me, otherwise good luck with all them sales and looking forward to playing Saint Seiya!

  2. Better rob a bank then matey...

    The scary part is I`m already over `lot 150` and still haven`t gotten through all the boxed sets and blisters... still have to start the loose models and clip bag thingies :-s

  3. Hmmm...this may take a while I guess!

    Crisis 2012 anyone?! ;-), I'll just sell some of my less vital organs and I'll be good for a while!

  4. If you do manage to sell most of that stuff you'll have lots and lots of empty space in that bedroom of yours you call workspace! That's going to take a lot of supers, Federation spaceships and bluecoats to fill the gap!


  5. Good luck Tom, seems you've gotten to the same point as me. Don't let it drive you mad though ;)

  6. It is going clinically insane over here, and no way on a blue monday I`m ever gonna be able to haul that all to BC next week.

    I`m going to post the complete list on the TSA forum, then slowly hope to work it all away, and that is excluding the `grab boxes` of (double) comics, clix and other prepaint models (many more in it then last week) and my Tau and Wood Elf armies I still have to sort out, both painted and unpainted.

  7. @ Sven

    Won`t be with those collectable models though, apart from that they are almost 20cm and more in height, they cost like on average 75 euros a piece.

    The SuperSystem based mod I`m building (read more of it here when it`s done hehehe) will be for the bottlecap models or perhaps even the 7 cm high Gasaphons